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Billie Nachlis of Central Massachusetts Convention & Visitors Bureau

“Worcester Airport Limousine service is a wonderful company, extremely friendly and easy to work with.”

Bob Wilby, AAA of Worcester County

“Worcester Airport Limousine Service is special because they run on time, drivers are courteous and helpful and that is unusual in this day and age. Take care of the customer and they will take care of you is Bob’s motto.”

Donna McCabe of CMCVB

“Worcester Airport Limousine Service is one of the top transportation carriers in Central MA for a number of key markets. Worcester Airport Limousine Service has earned a long-standing reputation, they are a family-run business and they are very involved in community activities. Also I feel from everything I am is hearing in MA and Worcester County, things are on the upswing.”

Jim LeClaire, Owner of Post Plus

Jim LeClaire, owner of Post Plus and his wife Ruby, recently used WLimo to begin their cruise vacation.

Marilyn Ritacco, Worcester Sheriff’s Department

“WLimo has been part of my personal travel itinerary for about 20 years, utilizing the town cars to the shared vans. I also influenced the Sheriff, who is now retired, to use their service.”

Mary Ann Healy, College of Holy Cross

“WLimo has been the preferred transportation service for the last 7 or 8 years or so for Holy Cross faculty, lecturers, and guest speakers. The service has to be just right, on-time, efficient for the people traveling who are often on tight schedules.”

Monica Elefterion, Central Mass Convention and Visitors Bureau

“WLimo has been a stress-buster! They are a wonderful help to international visitors with their transportation.  We hear many compliments about WLimo.”

David B.

“I want to make you aware of the driver who took me back to Jefferson from Logan, via Clark U and WPI, on Wednesday evening (18th Aug).  He went above and beyond the normal service provided by your drivers and should be highly commended for it — he deserves a bonus check!  We had two young female Asian students on the van, going to Clark and to WPI. He took extra care to make sure that (at 11pm) they were safe getting to their destinations on campus: in one case interacting with the campus police to get her the necessary assistance.  I was very impressed.  Please make sure that he knows that his efforts were greatly appreciated.”

Elaine Evans, KJ Baron’s

“The trip was so awesome! Eric our driver was wonderful. If we do any more events we would love to have him. It was raining like hell but he drove like a real professional. It seemed like it rained only when we were in the van. When we got to wineries it stopped, it then cleared up and was sunny for the last two. Everyone loved the trip. I thank you for all your help!”

Dr. Patrick C., Associate Professor of Philosophy

“Thank you very much for your flexibility and promptness.  Your professionalism helped make my trip easy and calm.”

Diane Rubin-White, Vice President, Global Client Relationships

“For the past 12 years I have traveled just about every week, either to Logan or Providence.   During this time I have, with very few exceptions, consistently used WLimo. Being in a service related business, I have exceptionally high standards of delivery. The levels of professionalism with both the drivers and the office staff have continually exceeded my expectations over the years.  The focus is always on the customer.

I am especially pleased with their understanding, and flexibility around demanding schedules that change frequently.  They are adept at managing your schedule seamlessly, ensuring that there is always a vehicle available when you need it.  In fact, they make travel so easy that I have migrated my personal needs to them as well.  Our family vacations always include a reservation for roundtrip car service.  It is my pleasure to endorse WLimo wholeheartedly based on my long-term experience and continued engagement of their outstanding services.”

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